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Hi. My name is Daniel. Here are some things I've done.
"Professor Pending" - Chet Limon (Hip-Hop, 2018 single)
Produce, engineer, mix

Real Good Show (Comedy/Sports podcast, 2017-2018)
Produce, engineer, mix

"She's My Rushmore" - Ken Jennings (Punk, 2014 EP)

"DAIRY II" - DAIRY (Metal, 2013 EP)
Drums, produce, engineer, mix

"bad man" - vision loser (Electronic/Pop, 2013 EP)
Engineer, mix

"DAIRY EP" - DAIRY (Metal, 2011 EP)
Drums, produce, engineer, mix

"Mouth Pleasures" - Aardvark Robinson (Rock, 2010 EP)
Produce, engineer, mix

"Wondering If Theo Got Bad Grades..." - Pigsty (Hip-Hop, 2008 album)
Produce, engineer. mix
PNW: DDSS vs. Illipsis
(Rap battle, Ruin Your Day, 2018)
Camera operator, audio mix
"Professor Pending" - Chet Limon
(Music video, 2018)
Director, camera operator, editor
"Retcon" - Mylets
(Live music video, 2013)
Camera operator, audio mix, editor
"El Cheapo are the best. Video and sound people take notes, this is the way to shoot something!" -Henry Kohen, Mylets
"40 Rods to the Hogshead" - Tera Melos
(Live music video, 2013)
Audio mix, editor
email: daniel@early90spants.com
discord: early90spants#8040